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Being a concentrate and not already mixed with a tomato base, Skip’s Mix will stay fresh for a much longer time than a premixed option. It does need to be refrigerated after opening, but will not spoil a few short weeks after.

Skip’s Mix is a concentrate bringing all of the spices and seasonings for a homemade, custom bloody mary taste with the ease of a bottled mix.

Skip’s Mix is a very versatile product. As previously mentioned, it makes an amazing custom Bloody Mary, but also can be used for a savory Michelada or red beer. Another advantage to it being a concentrate is the ability to be a marinade on any kind of beef (burgers, steaks, fajitas…), chicken and veggies. This product quickly becomes a staple of your household for multiple reasons.

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Bloody Mary Mix

1. Grab A Glass

2. Add Equal Parts Skip's Mix And Vodka Of Your Choice

3. Fill A Pint Glass With Ice And Tomato Juice

4. Add Lime, Olive Juice, Celery Stalk, Bacon, Steak... (Add Anything Else Your Creative Little Mind Can Come Up For Garnish)

5. Stir And Enjoy!

Red Beer

1. Grab A Glass And Salt The Rim. (If You're Into That)

2. Add 1 OZ Skip's Mix.

3. Add 3 OZ Tomato Juice.

4. Squeeze In 1/4 Of A Lime.

5. Fill The Rest Of The Glass Up With Your Favorite Cold Brew.

6. Stir And Enjoy!

Skip's Mix Bloody Mary Mix
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