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An Authentic, Homemade Recipe

Skip's Mix originated in the kitchen of Skip's mom's house. After much needed red beers and Bloody Marys during the college years for Skip, he perfected the recipe. Skip's Mix became a house hold name with many friends and family in the Lubbock area. We are still in Texas but making Skip's Mix known by shipping it all over the USA!
Our goal is to be in every bar, restaurant, and home in the United States. We believe that current bloody mary mixes have little flavor or are very inconsistent, a problem that can be solved with a special concentrate of spices that ensures optimal flavor every time.
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Skip Has Your Favorite Mix

Being a concentrate and not already mixed with a tomato base, Skip’s Mix will stay fresh for a much longer time than a premixed option.
Skip's Mix Bloody Mary Recipe
Skip’s Mix is a concentrate bringing all of the spices and seasonings for a homemade, custom bloody mary taste.
Our mix makes an amazing custom Bloody Mary, but also can be used for a savory Michelada or red beer.

Who We Are

Skip’s Mix is owned and operated by husband and wife team Derek and Kyra Skipworth.
Skip's Mix Bloody Mary Mix
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